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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome Tea

Eraser-3rdBlind Mice
10 storey high

Hey guys, once again Alcina hits the streets again!
This time we head down to join SP Environment Club in their FO-08 event.
We start the day with some introduction by the president. (to know how he look, please request permission,haha, joking joking)
After some formal stuff, the fun starts!
The participants are divided into 3 teams, pen, pencil and eraser.
Introduction are done and mass games are played.
Followed are station games.
Blind Mice, 10 Storey Pyramid, Human Knot, I am Mediacorp Star, Hop -Step- Jump
Team games help to build up the momentum of the team.
Before the prize ceremony, we had an individual act from each team.
The individual award goes to Pencil!
And the overall team is Pen!
Congrats guys, hope you all have fun.
That's all for now.
Hope you stay tune; once again my name is Alcina, your one-stop coverage reporter.FO Photo and write up will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned to this space :)

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