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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SP River Raft Race

Slacking under the shade :P


Team 70 (Headed by V.President Sean)

DSC00024 (2)

Team 71 (Headed by Member Wang Luo)


Hey guys, once again Alcina hits the streets again!

This time we head down to join SP Environment Club in their participation in River Raft Race 008.We start the day by joining the guys at their raft. Before the race starts, we need food!
So down to Long John Silver for some delicious fries.
Back to the river. Under the sweltering hot sun, we cheer as team 70 gets into the river.
In 3,2,1, GO! The race starts and we pull our flag. Our flag is stuck but after some time, it was successfully unveal. Clap! Clap!
Next, we have team 71 in the race. Once again, 3,2,1, GO! The team try their best in rowing the raft across the river.

Following, we congrats the teams in finishing their race. Gather our stuff and we are off back to SP in lorry. The journey back was fun as the wind was pleasant. It reminds me of the previous year and makes me realise something.

Ever though, our club didn't won any but the process is the one that's unforgettable. So cherish the memories as there may never be another chance. So do not wait for next year, join us today and make a differences while you can!

That's all for now.
Hope you stay tune; once again my name is Alcina, your one-stop coverage reporter.FO Photo and write up will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned to this space :)

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