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Friday, April 23, 2010

SP Earth Day ( Be Green Wear green)

Yesterday was  Earth Day!

Other than  SP Car Free Day which was  highly effective in reducing carbon emission, SP environment club's "Be green wear green" event  was also very successful with quite a huge amount of students (wearing green)  spotted by environment club members. They were encouraged by our club  members to take photos with  them( to win vouchers if they are selected in the 20 Top Best Photo Taken) and signed on the Earth to show that they know about Earth Day( and Earth Day's Significance).

Earth day;

Earth Day is a day devoted to raising awareness about the Earth and the issues that interlink with it. Earth Day is special because it is the only event that is celebrated all around the world on the same day.

It is a day for us to  self reflect on what we can contribute to help keep our Mother Earth healthy. But just like Barney says "Everyday is Earth Day" so we should find methods to keep our planet healthy everyday!

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