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Friday, April 23, 2010

SP Go Green: Post Event Report

It is 22nd April of 2010. Why is this date special? It is Earth Day; a day that is internationally recognized to belong to mother earth. As I entered Singapore Polytechnic, what I saw was a row of SP students aligning themselves along the SP Convention Centre, giving out free green apples. This is an initiative by Macdonald to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle among its consumers which is something that we really need now in modern society.
NEA Officers with the banners at the CGS booth

Moving on, I saw the Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) booth set up directly at the foot of the steps leading to the Convention Centre with banners promoting their facebook and twitter page. New media is certainly something that is linking people up. I had the privilege of working as one of the Machiam news reporters for CGS and had the chance to interview different people all around SP. I was really nervous for the first few times of doing the interview, but as time passed by, I was getting really used to it. Also, all photos and videos taken were immediately uploaded ‘live’ to the CGS facebook page;!/CGSingapore?ref=ts.
SPENV Members getting to interview someone about the event

CGS booth bustling with people

During the entire day, there were different activities going on all together. Green Bazaar; green exhibitions on latest green technologies, Green Band Competition; Use of recyclables to make into musical instruments to compete for the best music piece created, Models with environmental clothing; catwalk wearing clothes from recyclables, etc. It was so hip-and-happening that I didn’t know the entire list of events that were ongoing all together.
But one thing is for sure. It is definitely heart-warming to see SP students and staff from the different faculties coming together to support the cause to protect the environment. This is an indication that SP is not just an educational institution, but also one that cares for the environment.
Say 'cheese!'

Reported by:
Ruskin Ong

Photos credits:
Lucas Seah
Jun Kai

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