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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Post event report: Earth Hour 2010 @ SP

Over 100 people were estimated to have congregated at Singapore Polytechnic at 8pm where the official festivities took place. I was one of them. And judging by the turnout rate, the publicity from SP Environment Club itself was a success.

By 8pm, a steady stream of people had started tricklingn, armed with mats and food, while the organising committee busied themselves lighting up candles along the pathway. There were also a few astronomy-lovers from SP Astronomy Club setting up their star-gazing equipment.

It was certainly fascinating to watch the buildings plunged into darkness across Singapore Polytechnic. There were many flashes as photographers snapped a quick rapid succession of photos of the before and after shots of the skyline. The onlookers broke out into a cheer when the emcee counted down to zero.

At SP, we lighted the beeswax candles to pledge their support to Earth Hour and formed a formation of “S P 6 0” for aerial photography. Chess and board games coordinated by SP Mind Sports were played in the candlelight, and snacks were being passed around. We were glad to have Mr Tan Hang Cheong (Principal), Mr Lim Cher Yam (Director of Architecture & Built Environment), Ms Chan Choi Ung (Advisor), Ms Angelvin (DSD Officer) to grace the event with their presence.

“We were happy by the huge turnout and we hope that next year’s Earth Hour will reach out to more people and we certainly hope that Earth Hour will garner more support in the future years to come,” says Ruskin Ong, President of Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club.

If everyone takes the effort to make a minor change, the world would have taken a big step.

For more photos, please go to our facebook page.
Reported by:   Keshia Su
                       SP Environment Club
Credits:           Kylie Chia (Photos)
                       SP Videography Club (Videos)

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