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Sunday, May 11, 2008

TICE: Tertiary Institute Council for the Environment Eco Camp

Hi guys,
SPENV is back from TICE held in the past 3 days. We sent 14 members representing SP.
Glad to be back and would like to share some knowledge gain during the camp.

Firstly, we went on visit to recycling plant or incineration plant. The purpose is to gain more knowledge on the different plant process and share it with other environment advocates.

List of plants went:
1)Eveready manufacturing plant: recycle all types of plant
2) Zen tyre recycling Industry: rethreading of tyres
3)Tuas south incineration plant: incinerate waste for effective waste disposal
4)Bee Joo industry: recycle copper slag, horticulture culture to produce electrical energy
5) Centeonyx: recycle precious metal from electronics
6)Nasteel Asia: recycle steel slag to conserve resources

Some sharing on plastic recycling:
- Mostly recycle plastic are recycle from the industry scrap instead from consumer as consumer plastic are always dirty and contaminated.
- There are the easy to recycle and difficult to recycle.
. Look under the product or the back, there will be a recycle logo with a number in the middle. 1-6 being easy and 7 difficult. plastic without logo means it is easy to recycle.
. Different number represent different types of plastic polymer.
. Thermoplastic is the only type of plastic cannot not be recycle. e.g. Plastic plate used in foodcourts.

The next day, we had a green mission amazing race which promotes team bonding as well as teaches as values of the small little things that we take advantages of.

Last but not least, each institute is to come out with a green vision project to have a friendly competition. The prizes are USD $1,500 seeding funds for the project as well as a chance to participant in the SMU-DUpoint Forum.
I am glad to announce that SP has been chosen and is one of the top 2 winners.

For video on our presentation, the link is as follow:

That's all for now.
Hope you stay tune and my name is Alcina, your one-stop coverage reporter.

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