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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hemisphere Foundation 2010

Hemisphere's presentation

Hemisphere foundation is an organization which helps to raise environmental awareness among youths and children of today. It has also embarked on many projects to help "green" our world we live in today.Some examples include, hosting competitions like 'Actions for Earth', Project Clean Water in Cambodia, Overseas Community Involvement Programme, workshops, informative talks and environment-related camps.

As Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club, we have offered to help out on the informative talks section. Volunteers will be trained by professionals from Hemisphere Foundation. The objective of the training was to present to different secondary schools' students about environmental issues such as climate change and waste management.

We also took part in camps organise by Hemisphere, raised awareness of environmental issues through workshops by Hemisphere Foundation at the Science Centre this year.

Award presentation of Hemispheres Actions for Earth Waste Not Challenge 2010‏

This award ceremony was to commemorate all of the hard work put into the competition by the students from over 60 participating schools. More than 600 teams took part in the competition but only the top 10 finalists were able to receive the prize.

There are 3 categories of the competition.

Primary category

Secondary/tertiary category

The perfect "green" room category

Our team from Singapore polytechnic's environment club also took part and were able to qualify for the 2 categories of Secondary/tertiary category & the perfect "green" room category. Both of which, they received remarkable comments for. They came in 1st place for the website presentation which includes the outreach and 2nd place for the perfect "green" room category.

This is what our winner, Edward Giauw has to say for the competition.
" Its definitely feels good to win the competition but nothing comes without hard work. In retrospect, our little escapade had a lot of ups and downs. Many that would have broken up the team and caused the project to crumble. There is only one reason that held us together till the end, it was the fact that this competition could better ourselves to learn more about the environment."

Guys! Look out for Hemisphere Foundation 2011.

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