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Thursday, November 12, 2009

SwissPro-Singapore Polytechnic Joint Event - “Env. Responsibility and water solutions”

With courtesy from WWF

Speaker: Dario Schwoerer
Date: 19 Nov 2009, Thu
Theme: “Environmental responsibility and water solutions”
Theme: Part I introduction, Dario's mission and his adventure.
Part II Key Environmental Challenges.
Part III Water Solution, Product demonstration.
Part IV Boat Tour/Q&A.
Raffles Marina
Cost: Free of charge
Transportation: Arranged by ABE
Time start:
3:30 pm at the Raffles Marina Auditorium
Time end:

Interested parties, please email your name, admin no, hp no and email to Ruskin at latest by 15 November.

CCA points will be awarded! Limited spaces available, so why wait? Sign up today!

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