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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Hemispheres Fund Project"Hemispheres Actions for Earth 2009"

Basically, this is a year long project whereby students would have to do presentations in primary schools to spread Eco-messages and information regarding the upcoming competition.

There are various segments to the competition;

1.Calculate your carbon footprint

2.Build a model green house " 1m by 1m" using recycled materials

3.Making a green pledge

and so on...

Apart from this, you will be undergoing trainings to improve your presentations skills and this will be helpful for you in future when you address a crowd. Food and transport allowances will also be provided.

The actual presentations will be scheduled in January to May 2010. The actual event will be on the 29Th of may and there will be roadshows on that day itself. The venue would be the North-point.

There will be a lot of opportunities along the way. For instance, you will be able to join the "Hemispheres Foundation" their trips overseas to help the poor and to educate people on saving the environment.

Participants who are interested in helping the CAUSE, get CCA points and have fun. Pls contact Edward or Janessa. More details would be released in time. But in the meantime, submit your registration a.s.a.p. latest by the end of the week. This is so as we need to send the names to the organiser. To read more about the organisation go to Hemispheres Foundation on facebook to check it out.

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