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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RE-Live 2009

RE-Live! 2009 was held from 5 June to 7 June at Bugis Junction with different highlights for the three days. For those who joined us, it was a great experience as we gained more knowledge on environmental issues while the event was a success with the participation of both the public and the helpers and also, improved our interpersonal skills by engaging the public. For those who didn't, do not worry. We will RE-Live the moment again!

5 June: We had the opening ceremony for RE-Live 2009 with SP Daiko Drummers giving us the opening note. Mass action aka Flash mob was also carried out. It involved 100 or more volunteers carrying out 6 different synchronized actions to symbolize the event's 6 themes; food, water, waste, energy, shelter and bio-diversity.

From top to bottom: SP Daiko
Drummers performing enthusiastically; The crowd at Bugis during the event; helpers preparing to do the mass action; our treasurer (Marcus: Dark blue) with Kok Wei taking a photo with the SP solar car.

6 June: We had the engaging roadshow, where our volunteers engaged the public to tell them more about the need to conserve mother earth by making the effort to make an extra action; switching off lights when not in use. It is said that one person who make the effort to switch off the lights on standby can save around 1 watt of energy daily. So, think about the scenario of 5 billion people doing that. You CAN SAVE so much energy!

The booth on shelter

7 June: Aerial photography was the highlight of the day. Over 100 volunteers came together from all around Singapore to form significant images big enough for the camera to see. It was certainly a great experience although the morning sun was really hot.

Some of the images

In conclusion, the event certainly gave all of us many new tips to help save the environment just simply by doing something easy. The point is that you do not have to drastically change your lifestyle and habits to save the earth, it just takes a little step and a constant reminder to be able to make a huge difference. A small step goes a long way.

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