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Thursday, May 21, 2009

RE-Live 2009: Rethinking the way you live

Want to help spread the importance of having a sustainable lifestyle among Singaporeans? Or do you want to gain valuable experience from interacting with people? Or just simply to meet more people? Then come along to join us at RE-Live 2009.

What is RE-Live 2009 about?

• To promote sustainable living lifestyle in an interactive and engaging manner

• To educate public through involvement of youths in Singapore on environment-related issues

• To cultivate a group of passionate youths with environment concerns

Job scope:

- Tend engaging booths to interact with the general public and educate them
- Participate in the many ongoing activities during the entire event

- Relax, have fun and simply enjoy your time!

Date: 5, 6, 7 June
Time: 3.30pm - 9pm (5June), 10am - 8pm (6June), 7am - 3pm(report at Padang) (7June)
Venue: Bugis Junction (area outside glass door in between MacDonald & Starbucks)

CCA points will be provided.

All your welfare will be taken care of. (Food, water, …)

There will be a compulsory training session on


23May2009, 8.30am-1pm @ LT12C, 12D.


30MAY2009, time & venue to be confirmed again.

If you are interested, simply email your name, handphone no, and admin no. to latest by 28 May.

Please also state the date of the training session that you prefer to attend.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email them to

SP ENV is proud to co-organise Re-Live 2009 with ECO Singapore, RJC, NTU and several other NGOs. Re-Live 2009 is about rethinking the way you are living. This year we are focusing on the six themes water, waste, biodiversity, shelter, energy and food.

Green is the way to live. Come join Re-Live to find out more..

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