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Monday, March 02, 2009

Annual Updates of Membership Status

To all members of SP Env,
we will like to conduct a mass updates of membership status.

The Updates includes:
Your status in the SAS System
Checking for errors in name and admission number
Your course of studies.

All year 2s and 3s of Academic Year 09/10 will continue to receive notification emails of our events. The graduating students of Academic Year 08/09 will be required to join the Alumni Network in order to subscribe to the mailing list.

Please email the following to
Full Name as on Admin Card:
Admin Number:
Mobile Number:
Email Address:
Names of event(s) Participated:
(Refer to SAS if you cannot remember)

In order for your name to appear under SAS, you will have to be an active member and participate in our activities often. Active member will not only get their status updated under SAS but also a chance to organise activities and CCA points under leadership category.

The status under SAS will not affect the CCA points given as it is based on the activities participated. However names not on admin card or wrong admission number given will not be able to obtain any CCA points.

We seek your cooperation for the updates and sorry for the inconvenience (if any) caused.

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