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Monday, March 02, 2009

Alumni Network

Calling all Alumni or soon to be of SP Env Club,
SP Env is gathering all Alumni to form the Alumni Network.
Currently the SP Env Alumni Network is in the building process.

Interested parties are required to register for Alumni Network upon your graduation or final year of studies. Please provide the following and email to

Please subject the email: Alumni Network
Full Name:
Admin (For identification):
Year of graduation (For reference purposes) :
Contact Number:
Date of Birth:
Home Address (Optional):

Being in the Alumni Network allows you to participate in activities catered to Alumni, keeping contact with your friends, as well as participate in our activities. You can also enjoy the identity of being a member of SP Env member for Life for which the club that nurture from your contributions.

Hope to hear from you soon

- Ken
Alumni Coordinator 09/10

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