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Sunday, July 13, 2008

SPENV Sub Committee

Interested to do more for the environment while gaining leadership skill and given opportunity to represent SPENV in national events and awards??

SPENV is recruiting members to be in the first ever sub comm.

4 Specialised divisions,4 different event exposures 4 you to apply

sun Sustainability Division

Recycle Outreach Programme
Campus 25 C
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle .....

butterfly Animal Protection Division

Animal Roadshow
Say NO to Sharkfins.....

water Water Resource Division

International Coastal Clean Up
WaterWays Watch
Clean water for 3rd world....

Leaf Horticultural Division

Nature Walk
Tree planting Program.....


  1. Allow more members to be expose to organising events and develop leadership skills based on their interest
  2. To ensure we retain capable members and ensure smooth transition and succession every year
  3. To increase the vibrancy of the Club


Membership to the sub committee will be restricted and have to undergo interviews .

Roles and responsibility

  • To plan and organise event for the club
  • Assist the Main Committee
  • Represent SPENV in required events
  • Bring ordinary members closer together

Benefit of being a sub-committee

  1. More opportunity to represent the club for high profile events
  2. More opportunity to do more for the environment
  3. More opportunity to get nominated for awards
  4. More opportunity to be part of main committee 09/10
  5. Better CCA testimonial

Download the Application form

Please deposit the completed forms and relevant documents in Letterbox 18-- SP Environment Club (Beside SAA Building) or email it to by 1st August 2008, 5pm

Any Queries can be directed to or sms 98101157

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