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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weaving Workshop


TUES, 12th FEB 08
10AM to 12PM

We will be student instructors, teaching them how to weave a grasshopper, snake and rose using coconut leaves.

Training session for all instructors

MON, 11th FEB 2008
(noon; time will be confirmed at a later date.)

* CCA points will be given.

* The main objectives of this event are:
- To allow the students to have fun learning a new skill.
- To give the current members opportunities to know more SP students.
- To train the current members in their teaching skills.

In addition, there will also be 2 more sessions to be held on 14 FEB, 3PM to 5PM and 21 FEB, 4PM to 6PM for 80 secondary school students.

please contact Rachel thru' or Peixuan thru' for more information or to confirm your attendance.

Please indicate which day you would be able to help out as student instructors.

*Reminder: training session on 11 Feb is compulsory.

Thank you and hope that all will participate in this fun activity!!

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