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Monday, October 15, 2007


Hi all, I'm Rachel, $$ of environment club.
To support the Blog Action Day for the Environment, i shall write something about my route to being an environmentalist.
My first contact with environment when i was in primary school, there was a science card which i did and my chosen topic was the environment. Reason for choosing this was because it was the easiest to do! Never did i know that one day, I'll be actively involved in environment projects which I really have a passion for. Amazing indeed~
Through environment club, I've gained ample knowledge about the earth and how we are destroying it cruelly with our own hands. therefore, I am currently trying to change to be a more environmental friendly person..(starting by being a good example in the family) through simple acts such as setting aside a recycling corner in my house, using less disposables and encouraging my mum to use recyclable cloth bags. One major change for myself would be to sleep without air-con when the weather is cool. Its pretty hard for someone like me who is always complaining "warm" everywhere i go.
Anyway, going green is COOL and i hope that everyone will put in a little effort to support the environment!!
every little effort counts~
G-POP Rocks~
lastly, KUDOS to all who are trying to make the green change!!!!

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