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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From: Discovery Channel about Climate Change

Dear Members,

Discovery Channel has recently wrote these 2 Articles.

World's Waterbirds in Steep Decline(23 Jan 07)
Frozen Ground Thawing in Himalayas(22 Jan 07)

Please read this 2 Documents that are available online by clicking on the link above. If you want a pdf copy of the articles they are available below.

World's Waterbirds in Steep Decline.pdf
Frozen Ground Thawing in Himalayas.pdf

Besides this there is also a Videos on How Climate Change is affecting the Amazon.. Hope this will be on interest to you.

SP Environment Club will continue to post interest Articles, Videos and Write Up on Environmental Issues concerning you, me and the World. If you have a good book, article, or media of any form you wish to share with others, please do not hesitate to leave a note at our forum or the tagboard. Thanks

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