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Friday, January 19, 2007

(UPDATED) Farewell BBQ Party! =)

To all members of SP Environment Club, you are invited to the 9th committee farewell party. Below are the detail:

Event: Farewell BBQ Party for 9th Committee
Date: 10&11 Feb 2007
Time: 2pm(BBQ starts at 6pm)
Venue: East Coast Park
Area D Pit 40
Price: $5/person
(Kindly pay to Victor On Monday 5Feb or Tuesday 6Feb from 10am to 5 pm @ SPENV clubhouse)

You may wish to stay over on 10 Feb 2007. There will be tent available for people who are staying overnight.
Please confirm with me again through an email.
Thanks a lot and i hope you all will enjoy this Farewell BBQ Party! =)

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