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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Waterways Watch

The Waterways Watch (WWW) is an independent volunteer group which monitors, restore and protect the aesthetics of Singapore’s waterways.

Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club sent a group of members to take part in a trial run on partnership with the Waterways Watch on 10 June 2006. First, participants had to change into rubbery shoes ones to ensure the feet were well protected.

Before the start of the mission, everyone was briefed on the society's work and how to keep the waters clean and litter-free by the Mr. Eugene, the person-in-charge. 2 of the club members patrolled the river through cycling along the river, while the rest patrol the river by boat.

While on the boat, Mr. Eugene shared the rules and regulation of driving the boat, which is important to ensure the safety of these having water activities.

Participants sailed through bridges and enjoyed the sea views of downtown district buildings. It offers a splendid view of the grand city hall, but marred with rubbish floating on the river.

Participants were given on-site exposure to the types of litter that were found in our waters, like plastic bags, food packing, cans, bottles and even dead rats and fishes. They helped to clean up the river by removing the rubbish using the nets provided by the Waterways Watch.

Upon reaching the shore, they unloaded the rubbish collected from the river and disposed of them properly. They also helped out on the house-keeping of the boats.

Singapore River is located along our central business district and can reflect badly on Singaporean if it is heavily polluted by rubbish. It can affect us both economically and socially as foreign investment are lost and people fall ill from the pollution. Therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to keep our waterways clean for everyone to enjoy.

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