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Friday, July 02, 2010

Recycling Reading

Thinking of throwing your old books away?

Don’t throw them away.... There may be people who are interested in them and would like to read them.

Event: Recycling Reading
Dates: 29 & 30 June (Collection)
1 & 2 July (Exchange)
Time: 12pm to 4pm
Locations: Main Library & Hilltop Library

Objective: To 'recycle' reading. Instead of throwing old books away, the people can exchange with another books which they are interested in or simply donate to BookCross@SP.

The concept of bookcrossing is that books will be left out in the hotspots in SP (Main Library & Hilltop Library), and anyone who chances upon the book, can pick it up to read. When that person has finished reading, the book will be left at the hotspotsagain, so that someone else can pick that book up!

We accept any kind of books.

We are looking for 4 helpers to man the booth at Hilltop Library from 12pm-4pm on 29Jun-2July. The last shift on the collection dates will have to stay back a bit to sort out the books according to categories so as to facilitate exchange of books on the next days.

For those who are unable to help, we hope that you will support us in the donation of the books.

LOA & CCA points will be provided. For helpers interested, please email name, admin no, hp no, time slot to Keshia at

• The remaining books after the exchange will be donated for Bookcross or SP Library or Overseas Community Service trips
Brought to you by SP Environment Club & SP Library Club

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