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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be a Green Fashionista!

Green fashion is quite unheard of if you ask ordinary students and the man on the streets. Furthermore, if they were asked to explain what is green fashion, their most likely answers would be that the clothing is biodegradable or made from organic materials. Green fashion is not just that anymore. There is so much more to it and here, in this article, we will explain how the fashion industry has been evolving to accommodate a “green” change in consumer’s lifestyle choices and what green fashion has to offer today.

Green fashion is a new term coined to describe a new trend of fashion that is more environmentally-conscious. From big fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent to mass retail giant Target, many are embracing the eco chic. Consumers are looking at greener alternatives as many began to realise that environmental destruction and climate change are real threats in the world we live in now. A Newsweek report published in 2008 shows that there is an increase of eco-fashion awareness from 6% in 2004 to 18% that year. For a piece of designer clothing to be considered “environmentally-friendly”, there is a set of criteria to qualify as one. They include being animal-free, ethically-produced, artisan, tailor-made, fair trade-certified, organic, recycled and second-hand. Designers may choose to follow a few or all the criteria in their products.

Fabric is the main material for clothing. It is made up of many fibres and these fibres are sourced from natural materials like cotton or man-made materials like polyester. Now, clothes makers are beginning to use materials such as bamboo and hemp for their fabrics as they are less energy-intensive during production and do not release as much carbon dioxide. They also do not require chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers during their growth therefore they are organic and do not pollute the environment. Clothes can also be made from recycled materials. For example, a famous American brand of denim line, Loomstate, uses recycled plastic to create sportswear such as jackets.

So now you know more about green fashion. Spread the word. Make an informed choice when purchasing items and always keep the environment in mind!

By Faris J

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