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Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's More Than A Year of Tiger

14 February 2010 would be a great moment for YOU who celebrating Chinese New Year. Financial crisis would come to the end with numerous red pockets intake, additional new clothes without parents complaining, another sumptuous feast; what to complain about?

While you are happily celebrating these happy moments, let us reminisce that this New Year is the Year of the Tiger. Yes, tiger. According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the number of tigers has dropped drastically over the years to around 3,200. Poaching activities may be the prime reason, but if we analyze deeper, the risk that tiger may extinct is because of the lack of drive to stand out and do something to protect this environment. As it is known, ecological balance is something that keeps harmony among nature. Should any of this be threatened (unbalanced), we humans will also ultimately face the consequences. So all the more, we should really think on ways to act and preserve this species in this very unique year.

Since Chinese New Year is just round the corner, while we have fun and enjoy ourselves, let us not forget that there are still impending environmental crisis prevalent. Here we provide some environmental tips for you to practice at home. Remember, it takes just the heart to do it.

1.       Your mum surely does provide large amounts of sweets or other plastic-packaged snacks. Do remind your parents or guests to throw those plastics in recycle bin designated for only plastic waste.
2.       Remind your mum to buy higher quality cookie container, so the container can be reused for next following years!
3.       We know your family has a large social circle. So, buy stuffs in larger volume so the less packaging is involved. But remember not to buy too much until excess which in the end you dump it!

Besides, if you find out that your wardrobe is full of unused clothes, do sort them out and you can donate to some organizations. Practice the beauty of sharing since hey, 14 February is another big day, Valentine’s Day even if you are not attached. Happy New Year and Valentine’s Day!

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