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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Photography Competition "Clean and Green Singapore, You and Me"

Great value is often associated with a clean city. A clean city is a strong reflection of our
moral and civic values. But clean cities do not just come by chance. They require much
responsibility and dedication to maintain.

The development of our public health system over the years has contributed much to
Singapore’s status as a ‘clean and green’ city. However, public education remains a
crucial aspect in the sustainability of a clean environment. The challenge is not only for
every Singaporean to understand the importance of taking responsibility of their litter and
the environment, but also to ‘walk the talk’.

The NYAA Council, in partnership with the Photographic Society of National University of
Singapore (NUSPS) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) are jointly organising
a photography competition. This competition aims to showcase the clean and green
scenery in Singapore, the on-going public education effort in keeping Singapore clean as
well as remind the public that we have to do our part to maintain this image.

The theme of this competition is “Clean and Green Singapore, You and Me”

Participants should submit a series of original digital photographs which is relevant to the
theme and conveys the aim of the competition. This can include but is not limited to
photographs depicting our clean landscape with images of Singaporeans taking
ownership of the environment.

There are 2 categories in this competition:
   1. Schools (for students in the primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and
   2. Open (for individuals aged 16 – 35)

Submission Requirement
   1. Participants are to submit a series of photographs in digital format (Minimum of 3
      photographs up to a maximum of 5 photographs).
   2. The series of photographs should clearly depict a story based on the theme of
      the competition, and should be accompanied by captions and / or a write-up of
      not more than 300 words.
   3. Participants may wish to submit an entry as a group, but they must bear in mind
      that the group will be counted as a single entity during the selection process.
   4. Deadline for submission of entries (online at or CD with
      accompanying Entry Form) is Wednesday, 10 February 2010.
   5. Entries submitted must not have won prizes in other competitions.


1st Prize (1 winner per category): $500 cash prize and trophy
2nd Prize (1 winner per category): $400 cash prize and trophy
3rd Prize (1 winner per category): $300 cash prize and trophy
Consolation Prizes (7 winners per category): $50 cash prize


In this section, The National Environmental Agency will be referred to as NEA, The Photographic Society
of the National University of Singapore referred to as NUSPS and The National Youth Achievement
Awards Council referred to as NYAA Council.

Photo Specifications

1. Digital images must be saved in .jpeg or .tiff format.
2. Photographs submitted must contain at least 2400 pixels on the longer side.
3. Minimal digital manipulation (i.e. only manipulations such as colour enhancement,
   cropping) is allowed. However, adding or removing key elements of the
   composition is strongly discouraged and may be disqualified for judging.
   Excessively manipulated photos will be disqualified.
4. Entries submitted are non-returnable.
5. Total file size of photographs must not exceed 20 MB
6. Both colour and monochrome images are allowed.


1. The participant must be the author and sole owner of the copyright of each
   photograph submitted.
2. NEA, NUSPS and NYAA Council reserve the right to use/reproduce the images
   submitted for any artistic or non-commercial purposes. The photographer will be
   duly acknowledged for his/her contribution without monetary compensation.
   Winning entries will be exhibited at venues which will be released on


1. By submitting photos, participants agree that no claim relating to any damage,
    loss, injury or inconvenience shall be asserted against the NYAA Council, NUSPS
    and NEA, and the directors, officers, employees and assignees from any and all
    losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind resulting from the project.

2. The participant hereby indemnify and hold the NYAA Council, NUSPS and NEA
    harmless from any claims, actions, proceedings costs and expenses arising as a
    result of any allegation that the relevant participant did not own or is not wholly
    entitled and authorized to allow publication and reproduction of the work by the
    NYAA Council, NUSPS and NEA.
3. NEA, NUSPS and NYAA Council reserve the right to disqualify any entries, if the
    contents are deemed pornographic or against public interest.
4. The Terms and Conditions above are subject to change and/or supplement by the
    NYAA Council, NUSPS and/or NEA at any time during the submission period as
    and when the NYAA Council, NUSPS and/or NEA deem fit. The NYAA Council,
    NUSPS and NEA assume no liability whatsoever for any outcome as a result of
    such action.

 Jointly organised by:

 National Youth Achievement Award Council (NYAA)
National Environment Agency (NEA)

Photographic Societyof the National University of SIngapore (NUSPS)

 Interested parties please contact SP Environment Club at for more details before 2 February 2009.

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