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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Young Marine Biologist Award (YMBA) 2009

The Young Marine Biologist Award (YMBA) 2009 is an annual non-profit award by Underwater World Singapore to engage students in researching on marine conservation issues and spreading awareness amongst their peers. This year, students can research on the topic of "Extinction is Forever" and present their findings in either photo-journalism or journalistic writing.

Participants can choose a topic related to extinction and submit the journal in the form of Photo-Journalism (Project A) or Journalistic Writing (Project B). The subject chosen can be a marine animal, a global event or extinction. Students are encouraged to seek reliable sources for content and strive for factual accuracy while respecting copyright guidelines in the Singapore National Union of Journalists’ Code of Professional Conduct.

Project B
Journalistic writing uses the style in newspaper reporting to deliver the story. Entries must include a title, date and crediting of photos to original source. The following structure can be used:
Subhead, which is one or more sentence near the title of the article

Suggested Contents
What is extinction
Causes of extinction
Examples of recent extinctions
Pictures and eye-catching captions
How we can make a difference.
You may also conduct surveys and include the results in your journal (eg. do you believe we are currently undergoing a mass extinction where most of the plants and animals will become extinct?)

Email your entry to by 15 October 2009. Your email must contain the following information:
Email header: “YMBA 2009 (name of team and school)
Indicate category: Primary, Secondary or Tertiary
Include names, email addresses, contact numbers, class of team members and teacher-in-charge
Name and mailing address of school
Designation of teacher-in-charge (eg. CCA teacher-in-charge or Science teacher)

You can also visit this website for more information

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