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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trash-Free Marina Barrage‏

If you have not been to Marina Barrage before or would like to go again, not to worry, this is your opportunity! You will be helping to promote environmental issues to the general public and enjoy the picturesque scenery at the same time. Definitely worth your time!!

PUB (Public Utilities Board) has invited SP Environment Club members to participate in the "Trash-Free Marina Barrage Initiative". This initiative is about getting visitors to bag their own trash and either bring it home or to throw it at any of the two centralised bins. There will also be a community event held at Marina Barrage on that day and we wish to use that opportunity to reach out to as many visitors as possible. Below here is the scheldue:

14 Nov (20) 3.30pm - 7.30pm
15 Nov (5) 2pm - 6pm
21 Nov (5) **
22 Nov (5) **
28 Nov (5) **
29 Nov (5) **
12 Dec (5) **
13 Dec (5) **
19 Dec (5) **
20 Dec (5) **
26 Dec (5) **
27 Dec (5) **
31 Dec (20) 4pm - 8pm

** represents that the time is 2pm - 6pm.
Those in brackets represent number of people needed for that day.

Volunteers will be going around the facility to share with visitors about this initiative, where the centralised bins are located and issue trash bags (if necessary). There will be a compulsory training for all volunteers. Time, venue and date will be confirmed again.

Interested parties, please email your name, admin no, hp no, email, shifts (date) to gabriel @ For a more fulfilling experience, volunteers will have to do the full four hours. For any questions, please feel free to direct to

CCA points will be awarded to all volunteers. Sl0ts are running out real fast! What are you waiting for? Register yourself today to get the choice that you want!

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