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Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Wave 2009

Tree planting on the 15th of May

Singapore Polytechnic is proud to be able to participate in Green Wave 2009. In correspondence to this, some members of Singapore Polytechnic’s Environment Club were caught in the act of planting 6 trees! Undaunted by the task, they worked as a team to put the trees in place before beating the soil together. Kristeen was showing her strength with the use of the shovel to cover the unearthed ground; she’s definitely not to be taken lightly. These students got their hands dirty but cleanliness was the least of their worries. They have indeed showed others that they can have fun under the sun too! Last but not least, let’s say a big thank you to the extra helping hand - the National Parks!

Tree Hunt on the 20th of May

In conjunction to the Green Wave 2009, Singapore Polytechnic’s Environment club has planned and organized a fun and enriching Tree Hunt for the students of the Diploma in Landscape Architecture. The objective of the tree hunt is to convey a couple of messages to the participants: Firstly, by conserving the trees it will preserve the living organisms living in it, secondly, by planting more trees it will then offset our carbon emission and thus in turn slowing down the rate of Global Warming.

Here’s how the Tree Hunt goes:
Participants are given a map with a marked trail and ten unidentified trees
There’s a piece of puzzle and the specific scientific name attached to each tree
The Hunt ends when the participants find the trees in order to attain the pieces of puzzle and names

Green Wave 0n the 22nd of May

On this memorable day, we hosted Green Wave 2009 in Singapore Polytechnic. Our distinguished guests Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education, Mr Tan hang Cheong, Principal of Singapore Polytechnic, Miss Kristeen Peh, President of Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club, Mr Foong Sew Bun, Singapore Polytechnic Alumnus and current CTO for IBM Singapore and Ms Divjyot Kaur were invited to water the trees. The watering was a success! May all the trees grow tall and healthy!

“It was a great experience for me and it is nice to have a tree named after me in school! I hope that there will be more trees to come in the future, making Singapore Polytechnic and the Earth a greener place for our descendants to live in!” – Kristeen Peh, President of Singapore Polytechnic Environment Club

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