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Monday, November 24, 2008

Amazing Green Race 2008

Amazing Green Race was a success with at least 98% of the game material taken from "Green" material like plastic bottles contributed by our fellow members :D

Here are some pictures for those who missed this great event.
Team Discussion on how to create a bag
Open Book Test for our dear lecturers :P
Our hardworking members. Special thanks to those affected by the rain and still persevere through out the game.

Strike Please !!!
My ultra super duper ball shall knock the pins down
3 more to go
Plastic grade 1 to 7
Hmmm...Plastic do have a lot cousins.
Steady Steady dun fall
Almost there.
We can do it together !!!
One more to go

Food !!! to reward our dear volunteers and active participants :D
Not to forget the fun we had as station master

Special Thanks to the following

SP Green Comm.--> thanks for the support
SP Principal, BE Director, SAA Director --> for willing to take pictures with us
Ms Angelvin, SAA Manager--> for the support and advise given
SPENV Sub comm--> Thanks for support and you guys rocks !!!! Keep up the good job.
SPENV Members/Helpers--> Thanks for the efforts , hope you all like the event and do join us for future events. We will miss you all :D
Photographers--> Thanks for willing to help provide photography coverage on this event. 3gb plus of nice shots. Will upload them soon
Participants of the Race --> you guys are really good !!!!
Everyone --> Thanks for the help :D one way or another .

We will also like to congrats the following for receiving the SP Green Buddy Award 2008 and 500 dollars cash each :D

Alcina Lim Bee Jun
Lee Pei Xuan
Rachel Chew Pei Sze
Sean Teo Fu Siang

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