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Saturday, September 27, 2008

International Coastal Clean Up / Sub Com Camp @ Ubin

International Coastal Clean Up 2008 (ICCU)

This Year, SPENV is glad to partner with Power Seraya for the ICCU. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves together while doing our part for the environment. We managed to pick up weird items like light bulb, jade pendant,Cowboy Hat...Not forgetting the common plastic bags & cigarette butts.

Environmentalist in Action

Members from SPENV and Power Seraya
Representives from SPENV

A treat to MacDonalds' by Power Seraya :)

Sub-Committee Bonding Camp (SCBC)

SCBC was organised by Alcina with the objective to expose future leaders of SPENV to the nature environment and to get to know each other. We climbed the "peak" of Ubin and visited Chek Jawa and the Secret Garden of Ubin.

My Heart will go on for the environment
Yi Sam
Ruskin & Yong Guang
Desmond & Nasrullah

Alcina, Pei Nen & Jia Xin
Check it out !!
Chek Jawa :)
Sharing Session at Night
Challenge the Process
Helping one another to overcome the obstacles

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