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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Count on me Singapore!!!!

Join SPENV to celebrate Singapore's National Day in a very unique way.

1)National Day @ Night Safari (Cancelled)

We are celebrating the beginnings of the independence of Singapore by bringing back the 60s to the Night Safari. The students will be dressing up as significant characters of the 1960s (e.g. the Samsui women, the coolies, the street hawkers, etc).
There will also be some nostalgic games (e.g. tikam tikam) for the visitors to enjoy and traditional foodstuff (e.g. kueh kuehs, ting ting candy) sold.
Some of the student volunteers will also be in charge of the games

Event Dates: 8th and 9th August 2008 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm - 10pm (Student volunteers to reach by 6pm for briefing and dress up)
Venue: Night Safari
or the sale of the foodstuff.

Requirement: 20 Student Volunteers Must not be shy, able to speak good English Need to patiently explain briefly about the history of Singapore or the food/game to our visitors when necessary. Have a passion for the history & culture of Singapore and role-playing since the students will be in characters. All the activities will be mobile. Costumes provided Benefits: Good chance for those to clock their CIP hours. (subjected to changes) A pair of Night Safari tickets at the end of the 2 day event.

2) Dunk it – NDP 08
To promote proper environmental behaviour @ NDP
At almost every major outdoor event in Singapore, spectators and performers alike generally do not consider maintaining the cleanliness of the event venues as one of their top priorities. Often, after the show or the activity has ended, Singaporeans leave the event premises in filthy and unsightly conditions, leaving the cleaning up to 'someone else'.

Engage the public in taking responsibility in picking up their own litter. Manage booths and also interact with the public.
12 July (Workshop)
19 July, 2 August and 9 August 2008.

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