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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Farewell Party 4 our beloved advisor, Ms Yang

Choco Mint and Mango Cake from Prima Deli =) nice!

Part 2 of Appreciation Presentation: Flower by Pei Xuan and Chocolate by Sharilyn

Rachel the main keyboard!

SP Environment Club organised a farewell party for their advisor, Ms Yang. We start the program with a duet harmonica by Victor and Mei Hoon. Following is a Sing Along by the club.After some entertainment, its time to show our appreciation by presenting to her gifts: Bodyshop gift pack and flowers.

Last but not least, food! We have cake, tarts and puffs. It was delicious. After filling our tummy, we hang around and talk. Ms Yang told us that she is withdrawing from Estate however will be teaching part time. So hope to see her around and work with her again.

In conclusion, she reminds me of mum. Kind soul that gives a lot and never ask for any return. That's her! So i wish her well in very little thing. Once again, on behalf of the club, thanks a lot for your time and effort this few years.

Hope you stay tune to Alcina, your one-stop coverage reporter :)

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