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Monday, February 04, 2008

(-) Plastic *Pen your thoughts*

Pen your thoughts! (just like Rosalyn Lee & Paul Twohill did)

We are also looking for your contributions to the [minus]plastic blog. If you have any interesting stories or inspiration about your reduction of plastic that you want to share with us, please email your article (at least 200 words) and 3 to 5 pictures to Do also include your full name, contact number and email address for us to keep in touch with you!Please put "Contributions to blog" as your subject. Your entries can be related to reducing any of the following plastic items or related topics.

1. Plastic takeaway containers

2. Plastic bottles

3. Plastic cutlery such as fork, spoons or knives

4. Plastic cups and straws

5. Plastic bags

6. How you have encourage your family or friends to reduce their plastic usage

7. What you think about reducing plastic usage in general

8. Any thing to do with reducing plastic!

If you article is published, you stand to win attractive goodies from us! So, start writing now!

* SPENV is one of the School Partners of this Campaign. For any enquires regarding to this contest, pls email to the

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