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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Expressing Love for the Environment

Participants are required to submit a motto with supporting multimedia regarding the importance of paper recycling.

Rules and Regulations
1. Entries must be original.
2. Multimedia can be in any format but must not exceed 3 minutes.
3. Motto must not exceed 12 words.
4. Selected entries will be broadcast throughout the whole school.
5. Entries can either be submitted to with multimedia attached or to Mail Box number 18 (located at SAS) with multimedia stored in a CD.
6. SPENV reserves all rights to change any rules and regulations without any prior notice.

Criteria for Judging
Motto: 15 marks
Creativity: 15 marks
Relevance: 10 marks
Voting: 10 marks
Total: 50 marks

Time Allocated
Entries must be submitted by 14 May 2007 (Monday), before 5:00pm.
Finalists will be notified via email.


Prizes: 1st - S$15.00 gift voucher + Shoe Bag
2nd - S$10.00 gift voucher + Mug
3rd - S$5.00 gift voucher + Chalk Bag
10 Consolations - Goodie Bag

Group (3 – 5 persons per group)
Prizes: 1st - S$40.00 gift voucher + Goodie Bag
2nd - S$30.00 gift voucher + Goodie Bag
3rd - S$20.00 gift voucher + Goodie Bag
5 Consolations - S$15.00 gift voucher + Goodie Bag

Download Forms:
Individual Group

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